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Looking back now, I should have known how much I would become addicted to the power he gave me when he closed the lock on his chastity cage for the first time.

I am truly as much a slave to my desire to control, torment, and tease and deny him as he is. My days are consumed by my thoughts of what I will put him through. I am distracted and wet all day.

At least I am able to have orgasm upon orgasm to relieve myself. I can only imagine how hard it must be on him.

Oh damn, there I go getting wet again.


My husband loves me so much, and wants so much to make me happy… that he’ll even sacrifice coming if that’s what I want. I love seeing how devoted my husband is to me, so of course that’s what I want. No cumming for you, my Husband!

One of my favorite ways I let him show me devotion is to let him screw me with a strap-on while his dick is locked in chastity. What makes it so much fun for me is that he wouldn’t even need to wear the strap-on if I didn’t lock up his real dick first. It’s so unnecessarily selfish, it turns me on. He gets to go through all the motions of having sex and gets to feel like he’s making me cum like a stud, but all that he gets out of it for himself is an aching case of blue balls. How sexy is THAT!

Sure, later he’ll brag to his friends how he fucked the shit out of me, and I’ll even admit that it’s true, how me made me cum so hard. That his balls are still throbbing full of pent-up cum is our little secret… my little reward.

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