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5 weeks - 5 senses 

Week 1 - Touch: The first week he won’t be very frustrated yet, so you have to really make him feel what he’s missing. Let him give you a nice massage everyday. Let him touch you whereever he wants to and demand at least two orgasms a day. Let him shower you and cuddle with him naked every night. Not later than the fourth day, he will begin to regret that he closed the lock of his chastity cage. 

Week 2 - Taste: During the second week he has to taste every part of your body. Pour some food on you and let him ick it off you. Do some sports and make him taste your sweaty pussy. Let him worship your ass until is tounge hurts. Be as good and bad to him as you taste sweet and salty. 

Week 3 - Sight: After two weeks of touching and licking your body all the time, you will find him as horny as never before. Now it is time to stop body contact and start wtih the more subtle sufferings. Buy some lingerie  or a costume for every day of the third week. Wear it alle the time and enjoy his hungry eyes, but never allow him to touch you. You can also strip form him or let him watch you taking a bath. Be as sexy as possible and be it in front of him as long as he cannot lay hands on you. 

Week 4 - Smell: From now on he always has to blindfold himself as soon as you two are in the same room. This forces him to let his imagination free rein and also to increase the other senses. Be creative what as to smell during this week. Maybe let him fall asleep while he is inches away from your pussy or wear his favorite perfume. Since he will be turned on by almost anything you may also do more kinky stuff like forcing his nose between your ass cheeks. 

Week 5 - Hear: Still blindfolded it is now time to talk to him. Tell him what you would do to him if he weren’t wearing the cage. Let him hear you masturbate and having one orgasm after another. Put on some porn, but let him ony listen to it; his mind will do the rest. This is the most difficult week for you, bit it is much more difficult for him! 

After the fifth week it is on you if you grant him some release or if you start all over again.

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